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Reser CD
Harry Reser and The Clicquot Club Eskimos
This historic new recording (available on CD and Cassette, with very few CD’s left) offers the first opportunity to hear the original radio broadcasts of Harry Reser and The Clicquot Club Eskimos since they originally aired in 1951. The old master recordings have been digitally remastered, allowing the listener to experience the music and excitement that made Harry Reser and the Eskimos a radio sensation. The twenty selections include a wide variety of music; from jazz to ragtime as well as Reser's adaptations of classical selections and popular music of the era. The listener is also treated to Harry Reser performing live versions of his own compositions! To any true fan of the banjo, this historic treat is a must have addition to your recording collection!

Selections include:
Clicquot March,
12th Street Rag,
Lolly Pops,
Stephen Foster Medley,
Hungarian Dance #5,
Melody in F,
Christopher Columbus,
Banjo Boogie,
Kitten On The Keys,
La Sorella,
Lady Be Good,
Digga Digga Doo,
Kerry Dance,
La Cinquantaine,
The Toy Trumpet,
Morris Dance,
Poet And Peasant Overture.

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Alternatively you can download individual selections or the entire CD in MP3 format from most of the known download portals.