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Banjo Bridges
At age 91 and after 60 years of building banjo accessories Jim has retired.
I understand that he sold all of his stock to John Bernunzio of Rochester, NY. You might want to inquire there.
Pictured above are examples of some of the world's finest banjo bridges.
They are hand made by an experienced banjo player,
Jim Farquhar of Rome, Georgia, USA.
Jim builds these bridges in standard heights, e.g., 1/2”, 9/16”, 5/8”, and on request any increment to the 32nd of an inch in between (sorry for the conversion effort to millimeters, European players: there are 25.4mm to an inch.). The inserts in the ebony are made from tagua, which is a nut, referred to as vegetable ivory and used for decades in the production of “ivory” buttons. Tagua’s tonal qualities are identical to ivory. Bridges are available with ebony top only, or ebony plus tagua inserts - the latter for 3-legged bridges primarily.
If you want to add such a hand made, beautiful piece of work to your banjo and improve its tone, please contact me and I will assist you.

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