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Banjo Corner
How do you like “The Banjoist” on the lower left? I have been told that originally that picture was a postcard in England in the early 1900’s. Before that postcard disappeared in some collection somewhere, a considerate person took a photo. Luckily, I came across it.
I love the happiness and warmth which seem to surround this singing banjo player and have chosen this picture for my personal stationary and business cards, and to set the spirit in this branch of my web site. He plays the five string banjo, which can be considered the model out of which all banjo types known today have evolved. The friendly appearance of this player makes him the perfect ambassador for all types of banjo music, independent and above all segregation one unfortunately still finds amongst some members of the various banjo communities.
As you can tell by the page titles and will know after reading through them, I have deep admiration for Harry Reser and his music. However, while I might have some idea of is his mastering the tenor and plectrum banjos, I can only vaguely grasp his overall achievements as composer, arranger, band leader, teacher, and player of virtually every musical instrument one finds in an orchestra.
The love for banjo music has provided many opportunities for me and my family for extensive travel and meeting other people. Many of these encounters grew into friendships. I am grateful to this very special community of banjo musicians for that.
I hope that you find some of my web contents of interest.