Banjo Links


Following is an abbreviated list of my favorites, banjo related web sites. I understand that I might have missed other, outstanding sites and will be hasbby to receive pointers to them for possible inclusion here.

  • Buddy Wachter runs two web sites. His more personal site is under reconstruction and you may want to check its re-issue frequently. To see and enjoy a collection of outstanding instruments - many for sale - visit his Banjo Emporium.
  • Banjo-L is great for everything 5-string banjo; see their inventory of banjo players world wide!
  • All Frets (formerly F.I.G.A.) is the world’s largest representative of four string banjo and banjo band matters. They need our support, which is best documented by becoming a member (tell them I sent you in your application).
  • The American Banjo Museum with their annual induction of banjo representatives into the Hall of Fame is a MUST to visit. If you can’t travel now, why not look at their web site?
  • Duesseldorf Banjo Club forms the first and only German Banjo Band. In addition they run an annual Banjo Workshop, which draws participation from all of Germany, some European countries and  US guests. Read Sean’s newsletters (see below) for info on their next event!
  • Erster Muenchner Banjoclub (First Munich Banjo Club) is a group of Munich based banjo players. They started out with a regular get together in January 2007, subsequently founded the club, and by now perform frequently and successfully in the Munich area.
  • Sean Moyses maintains a newsletter on his web site. All contributions are welcome and should be mailed to Sean. It amazes me how Sean can manage this besides playing full time in various bands and as a solo performer.
  • Those looking to buy a banjo and having been to the commercial sites might want to check this informative web site from Kevin Scott in the UK.
  • A true gentleman from Texas, known for his skills and generosity is “Mr. Vintage Banjo”, Vincent Mondello. If you are looking for a repair, a restoration, parts, a used banjo, or just plain good advice - he has it!
  • Another professional player, grown under the tuition of Buddy Wachter, is Tyler Jackson. Visit him here.
  • Norbert Pietsch has gained world wide reputation as a master luthier and banjo builder.
  • Guenter Amendt’s web site is a must if you can’t get the Tsumura books and like to look at top-of-the-line banjos.
  • Gerhard Rehmann has compiled a super comprehensive site about the banjo.